New Pilatus detector delivered

New detector to be installed on beamline 08ID-1 this spring... click title for details!

Update on Beamline Upgrades

First phase of upgrades announced for 08ID-1, including new detector and sample changer... click title for details!

Improving antibiotics

Exploring macromolecular machines that may one day produce novel therapeutics...

Nature 529, 239-42

CMCF is an umbrella facility which operates two beamlines, 08ID-1 and 08B1-1, at the Canadian Light Source. Together, both beamlines enable high-resolution structural studies of proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecules, satisfying the requirements of the most challenging and diverse crystallographic experiments.

List of Publications »

  • Vadlamani, Grishma; Stubbs, Keith A.; Désiré, Jérôme; Blériot, Yves; Vocadlo, David J.; Mark, Brian L. (2017). Conformational flexibility of the glycosidase NagZ allows it to bind s .... Protein Science . 10.1002/pro.3166. [PDB: 5utr]
  • Curtin, Michael L.; Pliushchev, Marina A.; Li, Huan-Qiu; Torrent, Maricel; Dietrich, Justin D.; Jakob, Clarissa G.; Zhu, Haizhong; Zhao, Hongyu; Wang, Ying; Ji, Zhiqin; Clark, Richard F.; Sarris, Kathy A.; Selvaraju, Sujatha; Shaw, Bailin; Algire, Mikkel A.; He, Yupeng; Richardson, Paul L.; Sweis, Ramzi F.; Sun, Chaohong; Chiang, Gary G.; Michaelides, Michael R. (2017). SAR of amino pyrrolidines as potent and novel protein-protein interact .... Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 27(7) , 1576-1583. 10.1016/j.bmcl.2017.02.030. [PDB: 5u69, 5u6d]
  • Ulaganathan, ThirumalaiSelvi; Boniecki, Michal T.; Foran, Elizabeth; Buravenkov, Vitaliy; Mizrachi, Naama; Banin, Ehud; Helbert, William; Cygler, Miroslaw (2017). New Ulvan-Degrading Polysaccharide Lyase Family: Structure and Catalyt .... ACS Chemical Biology . 10.1021/acschembio.7b00126. [PDB: 5uam, 5uas]