Tackling Autoimmune Diseases

Researchers combine CMCF-BM, CMCF-ID, SAXS & electron microscopy data to discover B-cell CD22 interaction details critical to a healthy immune response...

Nature Commun. 8, 764

Revealing Mechanisms of Biological Motors

To understand how bacteria can use pili to attach to surfaces, move themselves and become more virulent...

Nature Commun. 8, 15091

First Data Collected with Pilatus Detector!

Pilatus3 6M detector commissioned on 08ID-1, with upgraded computing infrastructure, allows much faster data collection...

Improving antibiotics

Exploring macromolecular machines that may one day produce novel therapeutics...

Nature 529, 239-42

CMCF is an umbrella facility which operates two beamlines, 08ID-1 and 08B1-1, at the Canadian Light Source. Together, both beamlines enable high-resolution structural studies of proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecules, satisfying the requirements of the most challenging and diverse crystallographic experiments.

  • Beamline 08ID-1 Status: Maintenance Mode
  • Beamline 08B1-1 Status: Maintenance Mode

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  • Ereño-Orbea, June; Sicard, Taylor; Cui, Hong; Mazhab-Jafari, Mohammad T.; Benlekbir, Samir; Guarné, Alba; Rubinstein, John L.; Julien, Jean-Philippe (2017). Molecular basis of human CD22 function and therapeutic targeting. Nature Communications 8(1) . 10.1038/s41467-017-00836-6. [PDB: 5vkj, 5vkk, 5vkm, 5vl3]
  • Sun, Luxin; Huang, Yuhao; Edwards, Ross A.; Yang, Sukmin; Blackford, Andrew N.; Niedzwiedz, Wojciech; Glover, J.N. Mark (2017). Structural Insight into BLM Recognition by TopBP1. Structure 25(10) , 1582-1588.e3. 10.1016/j.str.2017.08.005. [PDB: 5u6k]
  • Marmont, Lindsey S; Whitfield, Gregory B; Rich, Jacquelyn D; Yip, Patrick; Giesbrecht, Laura B; Stremick, Carol A; Whitney, John C; Parsek, Matthew R; Harrison, Joe J; Howell, P. Lynne (2017). PelA and PelB form a modification and secretion complex essential for .... Journal of Biological Chemistry , jbc.M117.812842. 10.1074/jbc.m117.812842. [PDB: 5wft]