2nd Annual PSFaM Meeting (2014)

The Second Annual PSFaM (Protein Structure Function and Malfunction) Symposium, held from
June 14 – 15, 2014 at the University of Saskatchewan was another very successful meeting. 

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Andrew Emili,  University of Toronto, Mapping Physical Interaction Networks From Microbes to Man: Teaching Old Complexes New Tricks

Dr. Kirk McManus, University of Manitoba, Using genetic tools to identify new candidate drug targets in cancer

Dr. Trevor Moraes, University of Toronto, Metabolic Piracy -Mechanisms of Nutrient Uptake Across the Bacterial Cell Envelope

Dr. William R. Montfort, University of Arizona, Nitric Oxide Signaling: From Moth to Man

Award Winners

  • PRISM Award for Best Oral Presentation by Graduate Student - Alla Gagarinova, University of Toronto
  • PRISM Award for Best Oral Presentation by Post-Doctoral Fellow - Andrey Grishin, University of Saskatchewan
  • PRISM Award for 1st Place Poster - Odette Allonby, University of Saskatchewan
  • PRISM Award for 2nd Place Poster - Theerarat Prasertanan, University of Saskatchewan
  • PRISM Award for 3rd Place Poster - Jeremy Marshall, University of Saskatchewan
  • CLS Louis Delbaere Award for Best Poster on Experiments Conducted at the CLS - Michelle Kam Ai Ling, University of Saskatchewan


PRISM sincerely appreciates the support of SHRF and the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, along with the Protein Society, ThermoFisher Scientific, Bruker, MiTeGen, and Integrated DNA Technologies, for the support which enabled them to host this very worthwhile endeavor.


PSFaM 2014 program