3rd Annual PSFaM Meeting (2015)

The Third Annual PSFaM (Protein Structure Function and Malfunction) Symposium, held from
May 6 – 7, 2015 at the University of Saskatchewan was another very successful meeting. 

Keynote Speakers

Dr. So Iwata,  Imperial College London

Dr. Hans Vogel,  University of Calgary

Dr. Marek Michalak,  University of Alberta

Dr. Marius Schmidt,  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Charlie Boone,  University of Toronto

Other Speakers

Dr. Ben Montpetit,  University of Alberta

Dr. Howard Young,  University of Alberta

Dr. Justin MacCallum,  University of Calgary

Dr. Sean McKenna,  University of Manitoba

Dr. Ann Karen C. Brassinga,  University of Manitoba

Dr. Wei Xiao,  University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Ron Geyer,  University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Monica Baga,  University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Joe Harrison, University of Calgary

Award Winners

  • PRISM Award for Best Oral Presentation by Graduate Student - Grishma Vadlamani, University of Manitoba
  • PRISM Award for Best Oral Presentation by Post-Doctoral Fellow - Elizabeth Vanderlinde, University of Saskatchewan
  • PRISM Poster Award - Yongpeng Fu, University of Saskatchewan
  • PRISM Poster Award - James Paul, University of Saskatchewan
  • PRISM Poster Award - Amir Arellano Saab, University of Alberta
  • PRISM Poster Award - Tanu Talwar, University of Saskatchewan
  • CLS Louis Delbaere Award for Best Poster on Experiments Conducted at the CLS - Corey Yu, University of Saskatchewan


PRISM sincerely appreciates the support of SHRF and the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, along with the Protein Society, MiTeGen, Bruker, ThermoFisher Scientific, Ag-West Bio, Global Food Security, and Integrated DNA Technologies, for the support which enabled them to host this very worthwhile endeavor.


PSFaM 2015 program