6th Annual PSFaM Meeting (2018)

The Sixth Annual PSFaM (Protein Structure Function and Malfunction) Symposium, held from June 14-15 at the University of Saskatchewan was once again a successful and productive meeting, featuring keynote lectures and presentations from prominent researchers in Western Canada.

Keynote Speakers

 Gerry WrightMcMaster University
“Antibiotic resistance: Repurposing enzyme scaffolds for nefarious outcomes”

 David SchriemerUniversity of Calgary
“Integrative structural biology using mass spectrometry”

Artem CherkasovVancouver Prostate Centre
“Computer-Aided Drug Discovery in Precision Oncology”

 Oliver ErnstUniversity of Toronto
“GPCRs at work: Information from X-ray, cryo-EM and EPR”


PRISM sincerely appreciates the support of SHRF and the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, along with the Protein Society, Qiagen, Bruker, ThermoFisher Scientific, Ag-West Bio, Bio-rad, Culligan, VWR, ARI, and Anatrace Molecular Dimensions for the support which enabled them to host this very worthwhile endeavor.


PSFaM 2018 Program