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First phase of upgrades announced for 08ID-1 beamline, including new detector and sample changer...

Oct. 12, 2016

The needs of the crystallography community continue to advance. To this end, several exciting upgrades are being implemented at the CMCF with the support of the Beamline Advisory Team. The ultimate goals are higher flux on both beamlines, micro-beam capabilities as well as much faster data collection and sample transfer times in order to meet tomorrow’s new challenges. We are pleased to announce that, as an initial phase, two major components have been approved for beamline 08ID-1.

The first is a PILATUS3 S Series (6M) detector, which will allow low-noise shutter-less data collection. The new detector will be installed during the 2017 spring maintenance shutdown, and used for data collection beginning in May 2017.

The second is an IRELEC ISARA sample changer, which is expected to be ready for operations on beamline 08ID-1 beginning in late fall 2017. The kickoff planning meeting for the new sample changer occurred today. It will enable samples to be changed in under 20 seconds, and expands the range of currently supported bases to include spine pins loaded in standard Uni-pucks.

Installation of components will be performed, as much as possible, during maintenance periods to minimize the impact on User beamtime at the CMCF. Although there will be short periods of time where the beamline is needed for optimization and testing, the impact is expected to be minimal, with beamline 08B1-1 operating continuously during these periods.