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  Upgrade In Progress


Currently undergoing a major upgrade. Expected to return to normal operations in 2021, brighter, faster, and better than ever before.


  Normal Operations

CMCF-BM Schematic

Recently upgraded for faster throughput. Ideal for MX, XAS on crystals, small molecule crystallography & powder diffraction.

Experiments resume on CMCF-BM, with beam energy now adjustable in high flux (DMM) mode between 7 - 10.5 keV (max flux at 8.157 keV). See the CMCF-BM page for more information. On CMCF-ID the upgrade project continues, with all major components now installed. Experiments will resume as soon as commissioning and testing are complete.

CMCF is an umbrella facility which operates two beamlines, CMCF-ID and CMCF-BM, at the Canadian Light Source. Together, both beamlines enable high-resolution structural studies of proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecules, satisfying the requirements of the most challenging and diverse crystallographic experiments.