Industrial Access

Serving Your Industrial Crystallography Needs

  • State-of-the-art facility with a proven track record exemplified by an extensive publication list and contributions to the Protein Data Bank
  • Expert staff dedicated to serving the macromolecular crystallography, chemical crystallography & powder diffraction communities
  • Competitive commercial rates with clear, favourable intellectual property policies and a strong history of productive industrial relationships

Modes of Access

  1. Remote Control: operate beamlines from your home institution
  2. On-Site Visit: efficient on-site data collection setup
  3. Mail-In Service: where CLS staff collect your data

Technical Details

The CMCF consists of two sophisticated macromolecular crystallography beamlines capable of remote operation. CMCF-ID (08ID), the insertion device beamline, is equipped with an ISARA sample changer accepting Uni-Pucks. CMCF-BM (08B1), the bending magnet beamline, is equipped with a SAM sample changer accepting Uni-Pucks or SSRL-style cassettes. CMCF-ID is highly effective for rapidly collecting native datasets and data on small or weakly-diffracting crystals. CMCF-BM is efficient for high-throughput screening, data collection, as well as SAD and MAD experiments, owing to its very stable beam and wide photon energy range (4 - 18 keV). It is also amenable to rapid chemical crystallography and powder diffraction experiments under standard atmospheric conditions with a temperature range of 85 - 500K. Both beamlines are equipped with fluorescence detectors for metal identification and absorption edge scans. Additionally, CMCF-BM is equipped with a Vortex ME4 detector for EXAFS measurements. Full technical specifications for both beamlines can be found by clicking on the beamline of interest below.

Beamlines are controlled using Mx Data Collector (MxDC) - highly efficient Blue-Ice like data collection software developed in-house
Samples and experiments can be effectively tracked using MxLIVE, the CMCF Laboratory Information Management System that can be accessed off-site via a secure connection
Beamlines have a variety of data processing software installed and commercial users should ensure compliance with all appropriate licenses before use.

What's Next

For more information about Industrial Access please contact:

Denis Spasyuk
Industrial Scientist
Ph: 306-657-3670

CLS Industry Services website