Canadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility

MxLIVE (sample management)

MxLIVE (Mx Laboratory Information Virtual Environment) is the CMCF Laboratory Information Management System you can access from home via a secure web connection. 

MxLIVE is an organizational tool for CMCF users allowing easy management of shipments for visits to the CLS, remote monitoring of data collection sessions at the beamlines with easy viewing of data and analysis reports, as well as convenient options for on demand data transfer.

Some of the Features: 

  • New! Create a Shipment to send to the CLS following the steps right from your MxLIVE dashboard - no specially formatted spreadsheets required!
  • Login using your CMCF beamline account
  • Manage groups of samples and shipments
  • Prioritize samples or groups of samples
  • Check shipment status
  • Inspect and download data and results from anywhere, whether doing Mail-In, remote, or on-site collection
  • MxLIVE is fully integrated with MxDC, so results can be viewed immediately by your team at home

MxLIVE Dashboard

Creating a Shipment 

To create a shipment, click on the "New Shipment" icon on your dashboard and follow the steps. You will need to:

  • give your shipment a name so you can reference it again later,
  • enter the labels on the containers (Uni-Pucks or Cassettes) that you will be sending to the beamline,
  • enter the groups of samples in your containers.
    • Click on the Sample Seat Selection button when you've added a group to tell us where the samples from that group are located.
    • Re-prioritize your groups row by grabbing the grippy icon on the left and moving a row up or down. The group at the top will be marked with the highest priority.
    • OR click the "Fill Containers" button to automatically create one group for each container, filling each one with samples.

Shipment Wizard

Once you are done, a shipment will be created for you, with samples created in the spots you selected, and named based on their group. From your shipment page, you can always add or remove containers and groups, or click on the group name to go to a page where you can edit sample names and priorities. You can also send your shipment and print shipping labels to attach to your dewar. 

Shipment PageNew! You can update your shipment's tracking number even after you have sent it, using the "Recall" button on your sent shipment's page. Or if you've made a mistake and your shipment hasn't been received at the beamline yet, you can unsend the shipment, make your changes, and send it again.