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More samples, more problems!

Jan. 14, 2019

Over the past years, the CMCF has invested in over 100 Uni-Pucks to facilitate introduction of efficient automated methods that allow Remote Control, with significant time and cost-savings from reduced travel. The equipment facilitates bringing new User Groups into the life of the facility and is used heavily for the annual CLS Mx Data Collection School. We hope to continue having loaner Uni-Pucks and tools available for those who may occasionally need extra equipment, and to support the introduction of new research groups.

At the moment, the CMCF has no more loaner Uni-Pucks available. If your group has been considering the purchase of dedicated Uni-Pucks and tools, it would be an ideal time for CLS Uni-Pucks that are being replaced to be returned to the CMCF for the benefit of the community.

Please feel free to contact us for advice on purchasing Uni-Pucks or other equipment. There is information along with links to suppliers on the CMCF Samples & Automounters page. We hope that the availability of the loaner equipment has served CMCF Users well and we hope to be able to continue this tradition!