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On February 24, 2011,&nbsp;the CMCF&nbsp;saw its first Remote Users, who&nbsp;successfully connected to and controlled beamline 08B1-1&nbsp;to perform their experiments from home in Ontario... <a href="/research-highlights/#first_remote_users">(more)</a>

March 2, 2011

Researchers from Dr. Emil Pai's laboratory at the Ontario Cancer Institute were the first to benefit from the remote control capabilities that recently became available on beamline 08B1-1. This mode of operation allows researchers to collect data as though they were present at the beamline without leaving their home laboratories, thereby saving costs associated with travel. The researchers shipped their samples in standard containers which were loaded into the robotic automounter by beamline staff. Using a freely-available software client installed on their laboratory computers, the research team was able to connect to the beamline through a secure encrypted channel in order to perform their experiments with minimal intervention by beamline staff. Remote control is available on beamline 08B1-1 to users with an active proposal after completing appropriate training. Users wishing to use this capability should contact beamline staff.