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New CMCF-ID IRELEC ISARA sample changer used for the first time...

Dec. 12, 2017

We are happy to announce that the first session of data collection using the newly-installed IRELEC ISARA sample changer on beamline CMCF-ID occurred on November 30, 2017. Dr. Trevor Moraes and colleagues from the University of Toronto were the first to put the new capabilities to the test during a remote data collection session. This upgrade follows on the heels of the installation of a new Pilatus detector and, together, these components allow much higher sample throughput on CMCF-ID. The new sample changer on CMCF-ID now accepts Uni-Pucks only. There is no change to the sample changer on the CMCF-BM beamline which hosts the SAM sample changer. Please visit the Samples & Automounters page in the User Guide for more details about the sample changers and compatible containers for each beamline.

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