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Advancing key upgrade objectives including higher throughput on CMCF-BM…

March 5, 2019

The CLS will be in scheduled maintenance mode during the March – May period with normal operations expected during the summer months of June – September 2019. CMCF will be taking advantage of this opportunity to advance a number of beamline upgrades.

CMCF-BM will receive a double-multilayer monochromator (DMM) upgrade. The goal is to add a fixed-energy high-flux mode to the beamline, while maintaining the beamline’s current capabilities. SAD/MAD experiments requiring energy changes will still make use of the original optics, while the high-flux mode will allow native data collection at fixed energy with pink-beam (0.45% ΔE/E), having an approximate order of magnitude higher flux. The SAM automounter will also undergo a software upgrade with the goal of improving sample change times.

CMCF-ID will see the installation of a replacement goniometer with the goal of improving the sample position stability and sphere of confusion. The CMCF-ID DCM will undergo repairs to fix issues with the sagittal bender that resulted in lower flux during the last run.

We expect that CMCF-ID will be operating normally during the June – September period. The CMCF-BM upgrade is expected to be complete near the end of June, with normal operations resuming by July.

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