Participants in the CLS Mx Data Collection School are expected to have a basic grounding in crystallography.  This includes familiarity with the following subjects:

Protein Crystals

  • Definition of a crystal
  • Judging crystal quality
  • Matthews coefficient, water content
  • Size, integrity and mosaicity
  • Cryoprotection and preparing crystals for data collection
  • Elements of symmetry in protein crystals, point groups, Bravais lattices, Laue groups and space groups

Scattering of X-rays by crystals and Diffraction

  • Interaction of X-rays with matter
  • Interference of scattered waves, structure factors
  • Diffraction conditions, Laue conditions, Bragg's Law
  • Reciprocal lattice and Ewald construction, Miller indices, Fractional coordinates
  • Calculation of electron density from structure factor
  • Crystallographic "phase problem"

For review, the following sources can be consulted:

  • "Crystallography Made Crystal Clear" by Gale Rhodes
  • "Outline of Crystallography for Biologists" by David Blow
  • CSIC Crystallography