Beamline Updates
Exciting things are happening at the beamline!
Dec. 16, 2019
In preparation for the CMCF-ID upgrade, several major new components have been delivered to the CLS, with more on the way. Items delivered include the new in-vacuum undulator, Eiger 9M detector, and Arinax MD2-S diffractometer (pictured here). We anticipate shutting down the CMCF-ID beamline for upgrades during the spring 2020 facility shutdown period, during which time the new insertion device will be installed, and installation of the new beamline components will begin. Commissioning is expected to last about 6 months, with an expected return to service in January 2021. To alleviate the loss of beam time during this period, we will accommodate most experiments on the CMCF-BM beamline, which is also receiving a minor upgrade including higher flux and improved sample change times (already completed), as well as a Pilatus 3 S 6M detector (to be installed spring 2020). For details about the upgrade project, please visit the Upgrade Projects link.
Research Highlights / News
Exploring how coronavirus adapts to new situations...
July 27, 2018
Coronavirus spike protein mediates receptor binding and fusion of viral and host cell membranes. Results from this project provide a model for coronavirus adaptation to environmental changes based on the use of three extended loops for receptor binding, with such loop regions being inherently accommodating to mutational changes. Given their wide host range and zoonotic transmission to humans, coronavirus provides an important model for studying RNA viruses and emergence of new viral threats.PDB ID 6ATK.